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Fun stuff to get all your guests involved and having fun.


Participation Activities


1. Balloon Relay...
Your Elegant DJ will gather up contestants. Each person needs at least one partner. The teams will blow up at least 3 balloons each. The balloons are placed across from them on the other side of the dance floor or party area. Each member of the team will run over, bring back a balloon and the team will work together without their hands to pop it. Each team member will take turns until all balloons are popped. The team with all of the balloons popped first wins. Your Elegant DJ will guide the teams in fun ways to pop the balloons.

2. Balloon Volley Ball...
Two teams will face off on opposite sides of the dance floor or party area. A balloon is used instead of a volley ball and guest judges will determine the winning team.

3. Cha-Cha Slide
The newest & hottest in a long line of traditional party dances. This has an upbeat, hip-hop sound. You will step left, right, turn and Cha-cha.

4. Chair - Eokee
You can be a star even sitting down. Your Elegant DJ will come around table to table to do a sing along to a popular song. Everyone at the table will sing. The winning table will be chosen by a round of applause.

5. Chicken Dance
Don't chicken out its easy. Gather up in circle and start off with your hands up high. Quack your fingers like a duck. Drop your hands to your shoulders and flap your arms like a chicken, now twist. Now do see do and turn that circle.

6. Circle Dance
Your Elegant DJ will gather one circle of ladies and one circle of men. The ladies will dance to the left and men to the right. When your DJ cuts the music and yells out freeze the men will take a knee. The ladies find a knee to sit on. Your DJ will bring the crowd back up and rotate the circles in the opposite direction.

7. Conga
A great way to get everyone out of their seats and onto their feet. Your Elegant DJ will have the Bride & Groom make their way through the crowd and tap the guests on the back of the shoulder. If your tagged, your in. The line will build and once its big enough your Elegant DJ will direct the line back on to the dance floor to kick off some dancing.

8. Dance Like Your Parents
This works great with a younger crowd. It is a fun & funny. We see how a younger crowd handles "older" music.

9. DJ Says
Listen close! Your Elegant DJ will gather everyone up and call out various fun and silly things for your crowd to do. If you do it without your DJ saying "DJ says" first then your out.

10. Electric Slide
A classic that came out of the 80's. The dance the electric slide is actually done to the song the electric boogie. It's easy and fun, just 3 steps left, then right, backwards and repeat.

11. Free Style Rap-off
The contest is usually done with two or more people doing different parts of the same song. Your Elegant DJ can pick a song or allow the contestants to pick, who ever does the best job wins by round of applause.

12. Freeze Dance
Dancers will groove to the beat until your DJ pauses the music and yells out "Freeze, nobody move". Anyone who moves is out. The last dancer on the floor wins.

13. Hokey Pokey
You put your left hand in, take your left hand out; you know the song so dance along. If your not quite sure the song and your Elegant DJ will teach you along the way.

14. Hula Bowling
Did you ever think you could do so much with a plastic circle? You can! Your Elegant DJ will lead two or more people or teams of people. Each player rolls the hoop towards a set of pins lined up in a triangle. Each person gets two turns and who ever knocks over the most pins is the winner.

15. Hula Hoops
the traditional hula hoop contest starts with your Elegant DJ rounding up a line of contestants. Each person will step into a hula hoop, pull it up and when your Elegant DJ starts the music the contestant will try to keep the hoop spinning around their waist. If it drops, your out.

16. Hula Tunnel
H new twist on an old classic. Your Elegant DJ will line up contestants that will all join hands. This can be done in teams in a line or in circles. Your Elegant DJ will place the hoop in the hand of the first person in the team. All team members must get through the hoop without letting go of any hand. The first team to get through twice wins.

17. Limbo
Get in line, lets see how low you can go! Anyone who touches the limbo pole is out. If you made it once lets bring the pole down and raise the stakes. If you wanna win you better do your yoga!

18. Lock & Key
Your Elegant DJ will pass out a set of locks to the men & keys to the women. The men will line up on the dance floor and the ladies will try their keys. The matching set is paired off to dance for two songs at a time. Your Elegant DJ will then have the couples switch up the keys and start over.

19. Macarena
A great 90's song that everyone knows. Put your arms out, turn your palms up then cross your arms. Up to your head and make your way down to your hips, your dancing!

20. Macho Man
Your Elegant DJ will set up two lines of ladies facing each other. A third line of brave men will be sent down the middle to strut their stuff. It will get more crazy and fun with each pass.

21. Mexican Hat Dance
Your Elegant DJ will play Latin music while a crowd on the dance floor dances. The must be passed around at random. When the music is paused the person left with the hat is out.

22. Multiplication Dance
This one will get any crowd moving. Your Elegant DJ will get a group going on the dance floor. We don't want them to be alone so every 20 seconds your DJ will have the group run out into the crowd and grab up at least one person each to take with them back to the dance floor. In a short time your dance floor is packed with a party crowd.

23. Mummy Wrap
There are two ways to play this game. Your Elegant DJ will gather up two person teams. One team member will be the wrapper and the other is the mummy. The wrapper will start at the mummy's toes and wrap them up with streamer or toilet paper all the way up to the head. Your Elegant DJ will use the help of the crowd to judge in both speed and quality.

24. Musical Ball
A ball is passed around the crowd while fun music plays. Your Elegant DJ will randomly stop the music. The person left holding the ball is out.

25. Name That Tune
Contestants will face off and test their musical knowledge 5 seconds at a time.

26. Neck & Neck
Don't drop the ball. A small ball is held in the first persons neck and is passed person to person. The players must grab it with their neck and chin only. Who ever drops the ball is out.

27. Party Train
Ladies on the left and guys on the right. Your Elegant DJ will make two lines on the dance floor. It begins with the first couple jumping into the middle and showing off their best dancing skills down the isle. Once they reach the end they jump back in line and Your Elegant DJ will keep the lines rotating, it's a great way to get the party started!

28. Pepsi - Cola
Two teams are set on opposite sides of the dance floor or party area. Your Elegant DJ will call out Pepsi and its time for team Pepsi to run to the middle of the dance floor. Your DJ will yell out Cola and team Cola will run, team Pepsi must stop. This will be repeated until one team reaches the middle. The team that gets to the middle first wins. Anyone who keeps going after the opposite team name is called is out.

29. Red Light Green Light
Two teams are set on opposite sides of the dance floor or party area. Your Elegant DJ will call out green light and its time for the teams to run to the middle of the dance floor. Your DJ will yell out red light and the teams must stop. The team that gets to the middle first wins. Anyone who keeps going after red light is called is out.

30. Scavenger Hunt
Your Elegant DJ will work with you to build a list of items to hide. We will help you hide them around the party area and then call out the items to be found. Who ever collects all of the items first wins.

31. Spot Light Dance
Get ready to move it! Your Elegant DJ will gather a crowd of people around a circle for one lucky guest to show off their dancing skills. Every 15 seconds a new contestant will be chosen by the dancer.

32. Trivia or Movie Trivia
You and your Elegant DJ will work together to build a fun set of trivia questions. This can be used during any time. Many Brides prefer to do this while the guests are waiting for dinner to be served.

33. Twist
The 50's gave us lots of great hits and this one tops the list. Old or young everyone loves to get out on the floor and shake those hips.

34. Umm Ah Contest
Each contestant talks about any subject they want for 30 seconds. If they pause, say umm or ah then they are out. It is judged by the crowd.

35. YMCA
A great 70's classic, anyone can do it! Put your hands up in the air, then touch your head with your finger tips. Curve your arms to the side in a c shape, then back up in the air over your head and touch your finger tips.



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